Phelim Doherty ·Time to look up and see Jesus only.

Phelim Doherty ·Is it right for a Christian? Finding the right answer to the wrong question.

Phelim Doherty · Coming out of 2020, in the power of the Spirit

Phelim Doherty · Trained to see in the Dark

Phelim Doherty · Seeing on earth, as it is in heaven

Phelim Doherty · Resurrected From The Tomb Of Self

Phelim Doherty · Something like Scales!

Phelim Doherty · Clothed In The Love Of The Father

Phelim Doherty · Carried Up In The Spirit, Into The Mind Of Christ.

Phelim Doherty · Growing From Being, With Him

Phelim Doherty · From Blind Date to Bride. The Emerging Church.

Phelim Doherty · Unbinding the Lazarus Church

Phelim Doherty · The Father We Never Knew

Phelim Doherty · Going Into The World, As One Man

Phelim Doherty · Born from above, to think from above.

Phelim Doherty · Pentecost. Heaven on earth.

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